Tungsten Fishing Putty

Tungsten Fishing Putty Picture

What is Tungsten Fishing Putty?
Tungsten Putty is a non-hardening, moldable material made from tungsten powder and a polymer binder. Under normal conditions, it will not harden. The minimum density is 10 g/cm³.
Malleable and extremely dense, the tungsten fishing putty is designed to be added to your rig to hold down your rig or line. Simply pinch the required amount off and apply to your carp rig.
Tungsten putty is very dense and easy to knead, just a small piece will do to make your hook link lay flat on the bottom of the lake bed, also useful for balancing hook baits.
Soft tungsten putty, great to use when fly fishing or when extra weight is needed to get your flies or bait down in the water column fast.
Tungsten fishing line sink putty is perfect for any fisher who wants a hard wearing and high density material for pinning down hook link matter. Easily moved, soft and durable, tungsten fishing line sink putty is great in any weather condition and can last even in wet and windy conditions.
Moldable Tungsten Putty is a reusable, non-toxic tungsten putty material which is great for use anytime you would use split shot. Tungsten is 30% heavier than lead so a smaller amount of the material is needed to have the same sinking benefits as lead. Moldable Tungsten fishing Putty is legal to use in areas where lead has been banned and is safe for the environment.
Easy to use and nontoxic, tungsten putty is 30% heavier than lead and legal to use where lead is not. Tungsten fishing putty leaves no sticky residue on hands, clothing or gear. Simply pinch off the appropriate amount and roll it onto your leader.Easily adjusted. tungsten alloy putty can be removed and reused. Tacky and moldable, easy to put on, easy to take off of your line.
Lead free – safer for the user and the environment.is perfect for balancing hook baits or pinning down hook lengths, leaders and mainlines; all of which helps to disguise the presence of the rig and maximize the chance of the fish making a mistake and picking up the hook bait.

Tungsten fishing putty has the following advantages:
1.Tungsten is 1.8 times heavier than lead so it adds lots of weight in a small area, and environmentally friendly
2.Tungsten putty is child-safe, there are no toxic materials in it.
3.Saves you time because you can easily add just the right amount without breaking off weights or finding just the right size weight that you need.
4.Stays on your leader in all temperatures
5.Shape any size per water depth and volume
6.Waterproof, sticky and reusable
7.Detaches easily

Although tungsten putty is made from non-toxic ingredients, it is NOT a toy for children to play with. Always wash your hands after use, and keep it away from food and your mouth.
All types of tungsten fishing line sink putty can be accommodated within the Chinatungsten Online's organization and quality standards and customer service levels remain consistent for each type of customer.